MTW is a passionate partner, just like you.

The talent of a creative agency is now reflected by innovative ideas and the energy and reactivity displayed on the different projects. Well aware of these new challenges, the agency managed to build up a network of partners throughout the country but also in Asia, ready to respond effectively. Surrounded by a team of tough event professionals, MTW is a proactive agency at the heart of current companies and communities issues. A new perspective on society, full of hope and wishes.
Just like a breath of fresh air in the Breton events world, the young MTW agency makes us dream through its realizations, symbols of a creative and artistic relevance and results of a true economic consistency. The secret of this synergy is to have found out extremely accurate partners. From the very beginning, Maxime Twardowski picks up nuggets from all around France : multi-talented partners coming straight out from the design world, the entertainment business and the industry.
A smooth processing, a project monitoring based on the industrial field applied to the event field, here is the key to a long-term success : paradox for an industry that usually acts like a butterfly, in an ephemeral way.
Within the past 3 years, this harmonious whole managed to cross Brittany, France and even the planet to carry out large-scale projects for local, national and international companies.

In-house skills dedicated to creation and production


Our core business.

We design your stage set in its entirety, whether it is part of the exhibition stand universe, the museographic world, a major event related to your image, a conference or a seminar…


The synergy of our skills.

Here in Brittany, we provide you a technical custom workspace on-the-spot for your image-related projects, and ensure the conception and the promotion of communication (photo and video) supports for corporate projects.


A custom-made design to tell your story.

The « Atmospheres » category relies entirely on interior design, trends research, space staging and unique furniture creation, playing a significant role in the reception of your guests.

3D Conception

Blender 0 %

Rhino 3D 0 %

WYSIWYG Lights 0 %

Graphic creation & 2D plans

Illustrator 0 %

Photosphop & Indesign 0 %

Autocad 0 %

Production management

Apple universe 0 %

Windows universe 0 %

Microsoft Office Suite 0 %

Video creation

Final Cut Pro X 0 %

Premiere Pro 0 %

After Effects 0 %