Amiens’ Christmas Market

The MTW Agency is proud to have won its first national public market in 2016, operated by the city of Amiens for the realization of the scenography of its traditional Christmas market.

Thanks to the conviviality and the warm temper of the inhabitants of the north our team has been able to face fresh temperatures!

It is in a unique and festive atmosphere that the MTW agency was able to stage fairy scenes and atmospheres which will allow the public Picard to immerse in the heart of the magic of holidays…

A 300m2 skating rink set up by Xtraice, highlighted by ourselves, a reception area dressed in solid oak to optimize the needs of the entertainers to welcome the public through an arrangement that connotes a pure and Scandinavian atmosphere…

We took pleasure to design the house of Santa Claus, a true jewel of softness, implanted in the heart of the square St Denis, filled with furniture straight out of our imaginary and brought to light day and night, to make the youngest as well as the oldest dream. A place animated every day by an incredible Santa and his malicious goblin!

The enchanting forest has been set up on Place Gambetta, inaugurated in great pomp by Mrs the Mayor, in which we have sublimated the achievements and decorations of the services of the green spaces of the city of Amiens: lights, sound, scents, snow and other effects were waiting for you until the end of December for a visit full of dreams in an enchanting and ephemeral place.

How nice were these holidays!