Event creation in Brest

On the occasion of maritime festivals in Brest 2016, the Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique, co-organized with Océanopolis, Le Quai des Sciences, sponsored by Gilles Boeuf, adviser to Ségolène Royal on oceans and climate issues.

The MTW agency was in charge of designing the scenography, setting up and assembling this village for this 7th edition, taking place from July 13th to 19th 2016. It was Nuances Graphiques (Sophie Plunian) who Occupied with the design of the graphic charter.

The Quai des Sciences is a 2500m2 scenography of animated spaces where researchers and companies coexist, welcoming visitors around a common theme: Ocean & Climates. Topical issues highlighted: observing the oceans, understanding and anticipating climate change, but also helping to limit the impact of human activities on these changes. Daily conferences were held in a tailor-made conference space, a place of discovery, exchange and conviviality.

Nearly 22,000 visitors traveled to the Quai des Sciences within these 5 days and were able to take advantage of the outdoor Chilean and custom-made facilities that the MTW agency has entirely designed and manufactured.

What an adventure !